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Thanks for joining us in April 2023 for what was an incredible evening. We saw 11 short films from the very best of Liverpool's emerging filmmaking talent. Congratulations to our winners.

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2023 Judges

Colin McKeown - Film Producer

Han Duijvendak - Film Director

Honey Crespo - Filmmaker and Film Lecturer

An enormous thanks to our judges for providing their expertise and time to inspire us all.

"The horizon is where the known and the unknown meet. Where what we can see and traverse, meets what is unseen, perhaps unknown, and possibly impenetrable."
"Beyond the horizon lies the unknown which may attract us with its potential for solutions to our problems, bright diversions to our boredom, or maybe solace to our pain."
"This is the beauty of the horizon as metaphor, verging on symbol, fusing as it does familiarity with mystery, producing a semi-conscious fecundity which can be awoken by a mere turn in the road."

Colin Brydon



Your Opportunity

To gain exposure

So long as you have the drive and passion to succeed, we want you. We want people who also realise that exceptional pieces of art are not a natural product of multi-million dollar budgets or extensive boardroom meetings. Rather, they arise from a desire to do what has never been done, to push the envelope, push aside excuses, and brush away convention.


In partnership with

Liverpool Lighthouse

Based in a refurbished former Gaumont cinema in high-deprivation Anfield, they are a registered charity working with the local community to create thriving communities of people living more fulfilled lives.

As an Arts and Community centre, they use engagement with the arts to improve people's wellbeing, so they can go on to develop the skills they need to meet their aspirations.

Oakfield Rd, Liverpool, L4 0UF


Get to Know Us

Matt and James are student filmmakers both from Liverpool. They have directed and produced multiple projects over the past few years, realising just how difficult it is to gain traction. As a result, they're seeking to unite with other aspiring filmmakers across the region, and collectively promote their work.

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