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Liverpool Horizon Film Festival 2023

Winners and Official Selections


Best Film - 10 Minute Category

Divination Dave

Darkly comical and downright bizarre, Divination Dave tells the story of a crisp loving couch potato who finds himself on a journey of accidental enlightenment when his favourite flavour of salty crisps runs out.

Animation & Sound by: Georgia Madden.

Produced by: Jen Bradfield, Ian Fenton, Allan Campbell

Voices by: Tony Lloyd, Scott Hill, Angel Hill

Post Production: True North Post

Produced for the BBC, Supported by Arts Council England


Best Film - 20 Minute Category

The Devil in the Details

Directed by: Keith Hyland, Jude Airy, Jack Cowls

Featuring: Carl Wharton, Kirsty Higgins, Jack Bodhi, Jude Airy

Produced by: J2K Media


Runner Up - 10 Minute Category


When an affair goes wrong, two lovers deal with the aftermath.

Written, Directed, & Filmed by: Daniel Lewis Wilson

Featuring: Natasha Hale, Pete Austen

Edited by: Ilaria Dallan

Script Editor: Grace Long


Runner Up - 20 Minute Category

Jumpers for Goalposts

"Jumpers for Goalposts is a story that explores the anxieties of fatherhood within working class Britain, reflects on our own mortality and also how toxic masculinity affects relationships between men; in this instance, a father and son. After suddenly losing a family member to a major heart attack a few years ago, the idea of knowing when you are expected to go and having that foresight to fix things with loved ones before you pass away stuck with me and inspired me to write a script around it. I don't know if this film was me dealing with my own grief, but I hope that Jumpers for Goalposts is a piece of work that can inspire people to look at their own fractured relationships and realise that we are not here forever. Always try to forgive and appreciate your loved ones, as they may very well be gone tomorrow."

Written & Directed by: Thomas Elliott Griffiths

Featuring: Michael Newstead, Luca Donnelly

Director of Photography: Cameron Brown

Produced by: Neal McAndrew, Jack McLoughlin, & Thomas Elliott Griffiths


Official Selection


Writer & Director: Phoebe Wellstead

Cinematographer & Editor: Yanna Stavrakakis

Featuring: Nora Marzk, Phil Halfpenny, & Edward James


Official Selection

My Dear Detective

'My Dear Detective' was made in a week for a university assignment with he brief being to create a film noir. Ignoring their horror and misanthropic roots, director Ben Edwards made the decision to turn an otherwise gritty genre into one of a wholesome mystery.

Written, Directed, Produced, Shot, & Edited by: Ben Edwards

Featuring: Charlie Williams

Music: Lem Mellor, Ben Edwards


Official Selection

A Dream With Hellish Intent

A meditative film following a boy's journey through a harsh but beautiful landscape.

A film by Oskar Chu.


Official Selection

The Nun Files

Created by: Hannah Collins, Grace Lister-Akerman, & Sophie Faulkner

Featuring: Aidan Maj, Charlie Williams, Grace Lister- Akerman, Sophie Faulkner, Hannah Collins

Director of Photography: Aidan Maj, Charlie Williams


Official Selection

8 and a half years of unrequited love

Leona and Jason have been friends for 8 and a half years, but how will the friendship continue after Leona's newfound crush?

Directed by: Finlay Smith

Featuring: Samantha Jones, Patrick Gilmore, Lucy Day, Sophie Avery

Crew: Emy Cosgrove, Tomas Smith, Amy Patterson, Ben Edwards, Matthew Dignum, Will Gutridge

Music by: Nate Mena, Marco Martini

Produced by: FJS Films


Official Selection

Tunnel Vision

A social-drama following the tragedy of two best friends in an area fueled by gang violence and knife crime.

Cinematography & Editing by: Nathan Roberts

Featuring: Pedro Fernandes, Tristan Blevins, Michael Davies, Max Powell

Music by: Tristan Blevins

Boom Operator: Aled Jones

Supervisor: Dror Dayan


Official Selection

The Portugal Film

James Wainwright, Matthew Hannah, Hannah Collins, Alanya Veitch

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